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Dr. Stephen Severance (or in recovery circles "Dr. Steve!") is a board-certified gastroenterologist who has practiced and taught his specialty at Long Beach Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, CA for over thirty years. During that time he has watched his solo practice grow into an eight person group. At various times he has served as Chairman of Gastroenterology and Chairman of Medicine at Memorial Hospital, and he is the longstanding Chairman of the hospital's Physician's Assistance Committee, (dealing with chemically dependent or otherwise impaired physicians). In years past he authored a handful of journal articles and contributed chapters to two different textbooks, with subjects including some of the medical complications of alcoholism. However, his greatest professional satisfaction has been derived from teaching. For several years he served as director of a Gastroenterology Fellowship Program at Memorial, and during that time was twice designated by the trainees as "Teacher of the Year". In the past few years, he has expanded his teaching sphere to include chemical dependency, most recently serving as course director and lecturer at a seminar entitled "Health Care Professionals Forum on Addiction" held at Memorial on October 10, 2008, sponsored by Betty Ford and New Found Life, and attended by 300 professionals in various disciplines in the recovery field.

He was for many years Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at University California Irvine and his name appears regularly in various "Best Doctors" resource lists, including the list published annually in L.A. Magazine..

Steve believes that much of his professional growth has been made possible by parallel growth in his own recovery from alcoholism. On October 28, 2009 he celebrated 35 years of sobriety. Indeed he first came to Memorial Hospital to enjoy admitting privileges to it's chemical dependency unit, since closed. Over the past several years he has largely restricted his medical practice to the treatment of liver disease, creating a strong professional interface with the recovery community. In his personal life, he has found himself increasingly involved with the recovery process in young people, re-kindling a longstanding dream of creating a highly structured, safe, and supportive sober-living environment with a primary focus on the young chemical dependent.

Cast in the challenging role of “live-in manager”---supervisor, helper, teacher, role-model, confidante, captain and yet comrade---to a group of young men from all over the country, Eric B. is a California native. He was born and raised in West Los Angeles, which may help explain his lifelong interest in film-making. Indeed, films he made as early as high school drew letters of recommendation from Hollywood notables sufficiently positive to facilitate his admission to the prestigious University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, whose graduates have reaped 256 Academy Award nominations and 78 wins since 1973. His work there also garnered significant attention, but the one role that Eric could not sustain was that of a practicing alcoholic, and it took trips through both Betty Ford and, sometime later, our excellent local facility, New Found Life, to prepare him for the much more sustainable role of sober alcoholic. Having solidified the sobriety inculcated at those facilities with a period of time as a resident of Full Measures, when Eric assumed the mantle of manager he was uniquely qualified to both supervise and advocate for our residents. Indeed, his great strength as a manager is his ability to segue with relative ease between leader and comrade--- between giving direction and providing example.

We are proud of Eric as a graduate of Full Measures, and grateful to have him as manager---watching as he balances his duties there with his own exemplary recovery program, while re-engaging with the career in film that he dreamed of as a child.

The job of live-in manager in an all male sober living is never a lifetime career, so it was with both regret and pride that we watched our previous manager, Josh, move on to greater things, including both school and employment at an excellent local rehabilitation facility. He deserves much credit for the very positive and successful “structure,” ethos, and fellowship found in our facility today. He remains an active supporter of Full Measures and much like a university Professor Emeritus, he is always generous in sharing his experience, his time, and, most importantly, his example.