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"Half measures availed us nothing"

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Dr. Steve's 35th Sobriety Birthday

Dr. Steve

  • "Dr. Steve" celebrates his own "Birthday", 35 years of continuous sobriety, at the house.
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  • Any sobriety anniversary occurring while a resident is with us is celebrated formally with a party.


  • Dr Steve is joined by a "sponsee," "grand-sponsee," and "great-grand-sponsee" to make four generations of sobriety (A "sponsor" in a 12 step program is a special friend and "mentor" chosen by the new man, or "sponsee,"----- initiating an often lifetime relationship which we at Full Measures deem vitally important).


  • Residents and their guests sharing an evening around the Serenity Circle firepit.  Most experts consider loneliness and alienation to be central features of chemical dependency. Both the ethos embraced at Full Measures and the ambiance found there are intended to nurture this kind of informal fellowship outside of the formal meetings, which we believe is central to successful and sustained recovery.