Full Measures


"Half measures availed us nothing"

Full Measures Sober Living

House Rules

1) First and foremost use or possession of alcohol, any mind-altering drugs, or paraphenalia is prohibited. “Relapse,” based upon either clinical findings and/or positive toxicology screening will almost always result in automatic expulsion from this facility. A probational return to the facility after detox or rehab might be possible in some cases, and would be much more likely if you, the resident, first brought the relapse to our attention.

2) The resident agrees to undergo urine drug/alcohol screening or Breathalyzer at any time requested. It is understood that such an agreement from EACH resident is prerequisite to the maintenance of a “clean and sober” environment for ALL residents, and, moreover, it may often serve, when coupled with an individual recovery program, as a useful deterrent. Refusal to undergo testing or to produce a specimen will be construed as a positive.

3) Violence of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion. Threats of violence will be dealt with individually, but may result in expulsion.

4) Possession of a weapon on premises will result in expulsion.

5) Willful damage to or destruction of property or it’s furnishings shall be paid for by the resident and may result in expulsion. Accidental damage to property must be reported as soon as possible to the manager.

6) Theft will, with rare exceptions, result in expulsion. Note that this applies to other residents’ food (see kitchen rules below).

7) No sexual activity on the premises. This will likely be cause for expulsion.

8) No pornographic material---literature, photos, nor internet access--- allowed on the premises.

9) Curfew is 11:00 pm during the week and 2:00 AM Friday and Saturday nights. Weekend passes will be allowed for those with three months of sobriety after the first month in the house. Drug/Alcohol-testing will be routine after return from a weekend pass.

10) Visitors allowed 4 pm until 11 pm on weekdays and 4 pm until 2 am Fridays and Saturday. All visitors must sign in and out in provided log book and no active chemical dependents are allowed. With rare exceptions, visitors are not allowed in bedrooms. Private areas in and around house will be available. For extensions of visiting hours, check with manager.

11) Using their assigned codes, all residents should enter the house through the front door only. All other exits should be kept locked from the inside whenever the house is empty. Do not reveal your code to any other person in or out of the house. Since this effects the security of all residents, a violation is taken very seriously.

12) With the exception of full-time students, all residents are expected to have or find work. Except for those working or going to school in the evenings, or students studying at the house, residents are expected to be gone from the house from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, either working or looking for work. For exceptions due to complicated schedules (e.g. part-time student and part-time work) see manager.

13) All residents shall attend the weekly house meeting. These are designed to facilitate your participation in the governance of the house and to report briefly on activities with respect to sobriety.

14) In addition, all residents shall provide documentation of attendance of at least four 12-step meetings weekly. At request of the majority of residents, one such meeting may be held weekly at the house.

15) Residents will provide their own food. Tupperware and labels are provided to facilitate storage in one of two assigned refrigerators. Theft of another resident’s food is considered a serious offense (see rule 6).

16) Whether cooking in the kitchen or in the barbeque outside, residents shall leave these areas spotless after each use. Dishes and cooking utensils must be rinsed and placed in the dishwasher. Meals not to be consumed in bedrooms.

17) Washer and dryer are provided. If another resident precedes you and leaves clothes in dryer, either contact him before using dryer or fold his clothing.

18) Heat and air conditioning to be adjusted only by manager. Contact him with requests.

19) All audio: TV, DVD, radios, or MP3 players should be silenced by 11:00 pm on weekdays and 2:00 am on weekends (earphones ok). Due to the usual variability in schedules and sleeping habits among residents, great care should be taken to minimize noise level after 9 pm, and request by any resident at any time to decrease audio or any other noise shall be honored immediately.

20) Individual schedules and habits will be taken into account as much as possible when assigning roommates. In case of conflicting sleep or other habits, please accommodate each other respectfully until a more compatible roommate can, if possible, be found.

21) All beds should be made and bedrooms left neat each morning. No clothing or other clutter on the floor.

22) Each resident will be assigned a house maintenance chore on a weekly rotation, and weekly to bi-weekly house-cleaning will be attended by all.

23) No smoking anywhere in the house. Use the designated outside smoking area and butt-receptacles at all times. No butts anywhere but in designated receptacles.

24) Residential sober livings are protected by a variety of laws, but in practical reality the goodwill of our neighbors is essential to our comfortable survival. When outside smoking or engaged in other activities, residents should be as unobtrusive as possible, avoiding loud or raucous conversation/activity. Except in the rare instances where a resident might offer help to a neighbor, no one should intrude on their property. Interactions with neighbors should occur only when unavoidable in which case they should be consistently polite, respectful, and helpful. Complaints from neighbors will be dealt with very seriously.

25) Any conflict or disagreement between residents which cannot be resolved with respectful dialogue shall be brought to the manager for arbitration.

26) No resident is to enter another’s room without express permission from the other resident.

27) A combination padlock and small stationary locker are provided for each resident. The resident understands that the manager has a master key in case combination is forgotten and that this may also be used if possession or use of drugs or alcohol is suspected. The management assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen possessions.

28) Rent of_____________ and $100.00 deposit shall be paid upon initial acceptance at the home. Thereafter, rent will be due on the 1st of each month, with the first month pro-rated to adjust for the number of days in residence the first month. A surcharge will be added for payments five or more days late, and if payment not received by the 15th, depending upon the explanation tendered, the resident may be asked to leave.

29) The resident__________________________accepts and agrees to all the above rules. Doing so is his contribution to maintaining the sober and secure environment most conducive to his recovery and that of his fellow residents. He understands that expulsion from the home for violation of rule(s) results in forfeiture of the last rent payment.